Designing And Writing Direct Mail Packages – It’s Absolutely Not Something Just Anyone Can Do

The very first thing you need to know about writing and designing effective direct mail packages is that “you” probably should not. Effective copy writing and design is very difficult for the average person, and those that are good at it have done a lot of studying and have tested a multitude of approaches and styles depending on their understanding of the nature of their audiences. Don’t expect a copywriter that is successful with “non-profit” solicitations to be equally as adept at writing copy for “for-profit” offerings. Both Picasso and DaVinci were masterful artists, “in their own right,” with distinct styles, preferences, abilities and “audiences.” Copywriters are like artists. People who are successful at creative are, in fact, practicing an art form.

The best way to find good, professional copy writers and graphic designers that can relate to your specific set of needs is to contact a direct marketing association office (i.e., DWAW is the Direct Marketing Association of Washington). There is one in every major city across the country. The people who work there are very familiar with the range of resources available to you. They can save you a lot of time in your quest to identify people who have a background of success in your interest area. This is not something that demands close physical proximity and you have a vast array of alternatives available to you. Finally, you definitely want to make “a previous record of success in your arena” a prime consideration in the process of identifying your “creative partner.”

On the other hand, maybe you are a small business with limited funding and you want to give it a shot on your own without risking a lot of money. The best way to begin on your own is to look at the creative used by other entities like yours and essentially copy those things that (1) appeal to you and (2) you see on a repetitive basis. It is being repeated because it works! I don’t mean you should copy other material word for word, but by format and general content. You can also find lots of copy writing resources on the Internet (type the words “copy writing” into your browser and you’ll be amazed at how many resources you’ll find).

What you will quickly come to learn about creative is that testing is the name of the game when it comes to direct mail, and I would strongly suggest (in fact, insist!) it be done constantly to determine what creative will work best for a given offer or solicitation. If you are not testing alternative copy (among other things) in every one of your mailings, you are not taking advantage of the single biggest advantage that direct mail offers over other kinds of less targeted marketing types — “measurability!” All of your mailings should be predicated on past results.

Finally, those creative people that work closely with their production manager or printer in the early stages of creating a package are more likely to be able to accomplish their objectives most cost effectively and in the time frames they require by avoiding package designs that result in production hurdles and challenges (wasted money).

Whether you use a professional resource (highly recommended!) or give it your own best shot, I wish you many profitable mailings.

Internet Marketing is Not a Business Plan

Today there are hundreds, even loads of people online trying to earn income. From my own private experience I’d guess that between 98% to 99% of these folks utilize Internet promoting as if it were a business plan. Online marketing is not a business plan, but instead a set of concepts, tools, and utilities we utilize to market our businesses. I’m certain that so many Internet businesses are failing because of shortage of direction.

Once again, web marketing is not a direction, but a group of tools that we use to market our businesses. For people that want to start a Net business, what you need is a direction! If you love internet marketing and all that comprises it, that’s's great. But to become really successful with your web business, you have to have a direction, an idea, and a business plan. If we have a look at all of the extraordinarily successful web marketers, do we see them teaching net marketing? Yes and no. what we actually see are successful folk teaching just one side of online marketing at a time.

So rather than simply teaching the way to Internet market, they are teaching one certain idea of web marketing. It could be any aspect of web marketing,eg e-mail selling, using Private Label Rights correctly, or using pay-per click promoting. let us take a look at an example Have you heard the phrase Bum Marketing? If you have been online for any time period at all, I am positively sure you’ve heard that phrase. In reality, you probably even know the guys name that coined that phrase.

His name is Travis Sago. Travis Sago’s business deals with nothing more than article marketing. He doesn’t try and teach everyone the way to net market, rather, he teaches folk ways to especially use articles to push traffic to their own or affiliate websites. He’s got a explicit direction, one straightforward idea he concentrates on, and people hunt him down like the Bubonic plague to find out how he uses articles to drive traffic! Does the thought of making a business plan frighten you and just sound like too much work? Don’t worry, look up the book One Page Business Plan. Got Direction?

Georgian Capital Market

Capital market formation faces several problems: small volume of transactions and low liquidity; undeveloped informational, depositary and clearing networks; indirect governmental intervention through National Bank of Georgia (commercial bank securities control) and Ministry of Finance (control of non-bank financial institutions); high level of risk and the absence of business ethics. Besides the economy is characterized by instability not fully following free-market rules and despite recent expansion in trade volumes, the level of security emissions is still low. Due to these reasons capital market is still weak and does not satisfy needs of the economy.

The success of capital markets depends strongly on an appropriate and effective functioning of joint stock companies. Despite the fact that currently their number in the economy is 1773 forming 2% of all legal persons registered at the tax department, GSE could not transform into the alternative to banking sector and the means of efficient fund-raising. Georgian business environment is not yet ready for participation in capital markets. The reason for this is that the managers lack the knowledge of capital market functions and fail to use all the fund-raising benefits it provides. Therefore the levels of security emissions and exchange activities remain low. Currently Georgian financial system follows German model, where bank loans are highly favored at corporate level. Since further improvement of corporate governance is among the country’s principal interests, the Corporate Governance training program was organized by GSE leadership that aims to increase the awareness of benefits an organized stock exchange provides.

It is worth noting that mass privatization scheme that was implemented in Georgia did not serve as a factor for triggering development of stock exchanges in the country. Privatization vouchers were not listed at stock exchanges and transfers of ownership rights were mostly done through individual direct transactions. Eventually, approximately 1300 joint stock companies and half a million shareholders emerged; however the role of capital markets in this process was minimal. Even at the second wave of privatization capital markets were left out of the process and major part of privatization was conducted mainly through auctions, buy-outs and direct-sale methods. Only in 2002 first medium-scale transaction on the sale of 36646 shares (10148 GEL) was made on stock exchange.

Resumed privatization process uncovers new prospects for Georgian securities market. It is expected that new wave of privatization will trigger GSE, since nowadays holding of privatization auctions at GSE is backed by the adequate legislative bases. In addition, there were substantial foreign direct investment inflows in previous years and even larger inflows are expected to take place next year (approx. 2 billion US dollars). It is strongly believed that this will substantially contribute to the development of the capital market and improvement of investment climate in the country. To meet new demand the trading sessions must be held on a daily basis.