Internet Marketing is Not a Business Plan

Today there are hundreds, even loads of people online trying to earn income. From my own private experience I’d guess that between 98% to 99% of these folks utilize Internet promoting as if it were a business plan. Online marketing is not a business plan, but instead a set of concepts, tools, and utilities we utilize to market our businesses. I’m certain that so many Internet businesses are failing because of shortage of direction.

Once again, web marketing is not a direction, but a group of tools that we use to market our businesses. For people that want to start a Net business, what you need is a direction! If you love internet marketing and all that comprises it, that’s's great. But to become really successful with your web business, you have to have a direction, an idea, and a business plan. If we have a look at all of the extraordinarily successful web marketers, do we see them teaching net marketing? Yes and no. what we actually see are successful folk teaching just one side of online marketing at a time.

So rather than simply teaching the way to Internet market, they are teaching one certain idea of web marketing. It could be any aspect of web marketing,eg e-mail selling, using Private Label Rights correctly, or using pay-per click promoting. let us take a look at an example Have you heard the phrase Bum Marketing? If you have been online for any time period at all, I am positively sure you’ve heard that phrase. In reality, you probably even know the guys name that coined that phrase.

His name is Travis Sago. Travis Sago’s business deals with nothing more than article marketing. He doesn’t try and teach everyone the way to net market, rather, he teaches folk ways to especially use articles to push traffic to their own or affiliate websites. He’s got a explicit direction, one straightforward idea he concentrates on, and people hunt him down like the Bubonic plague to find out how he uses articles to drive traffic! Does the thought of making a business plan frighten you and just sound like too much work? Don’t worry, look up the book One Page Business Plan. Got Direction?

Why You Should Use Landing Pages in Affiliate Marketing

If you are into affiliate marketing, you should really consider using landing pages for your affiliate marketing products – if you don’t already. A landing page is basically a web page that your targeted visitors will be directed to, whenever they click on a result that they received by doing a Google search or whenever they click on one of your Internet advertisements.

Sure, you can always use your direct affiliate marketing link, but you will do a lot better if you create a great landing page with a call to action that will gain the attention of your visitors. This being said, there are a few reasons that you really should use a landing page for your web advertisements:

1. When it comes to affiliate marketing, squeeze pages are the only real way that you can earn conversions with an affiliate program. There are plenty of affiliate marketing programs out there, but a lot of these programs let the merchant pay their affiliates on a pay-per-click basis. This being said, all you need to do is sign up for a particular affiliate program and submit your ads. Once that advertisement for your affiliate marketing program is submitted, it can be placed on the program owner’s website.

Anyway, you can probably guess that once someone (a potential customer) clicks on that ad, they will be directed to your landing page. The landing page will have a specific call to action and information on how that potential customer can buy the product, and you will be able to gain the contact information of your potential customers…turning them into leads. As you know, leads will eventually convert into sales.

2. An ordinary website will just not do. Some affiliate marketers think that they can use their website in the same manner that they would use a landing page, thinking that it will do the trick. Some people try to make their website’s home page as the landing page for their ads, but again… this will not do the trick. Why? Well, with an actual landing page you will have the ability to make it relevant to the keywords that your potential customers might use and have it focus on one product or service. This being said, a squeeze page will make it much easier to push your visitors to take action, because in many cases they would have been searching for a specific keyword or phrase (similar to yours), so they will already be somewhat interested in what you have to offer.

Some affiliate marketers actually join an affiliate program in hopes to make some extra dough, without having to shed out any (or very little) initial advertising costs. Well, the truth of the matter is that if you join an affiliate program and don’t use a landing page, you will most likely end up paying too much without actually getting anything in turn. And, you will be spending a lot of your time trying to bring in some customers as well. Anyway, once you set up your squeeze page or multiple landing pages, all you will need to do is keep the content fresh and new and ensure that it is optimized. After that, you will be able to gain a more leads – which will truly help your affiliate conversion rates.

10 Reasons To Build A Home-Based Network-Marketing Business

This article is not about the hype, glitter and gold dazzled in front of many. The slick, get-rich-quick sales type mentality is what turns many people off from Network Marketing. This is not to say that people don’t earn the “huge fortunes” in this industry. That such happens is true. But most do not. However, there are yet many advantages for those who consider this industry even part time.

Reason One: Keep Your Day Job

To start a network marketing business in direct sales you do not have to give up your full time job. You can begin to earn income from product sales while you learn the business in your spare time, working three or four hours per week. Maintain your consistency and this will build into a respectable check within reasonable time. Some do very well from the very start. Others it may take a while longer. Almost all will succeed if they persist with a good company, excellent product and acceptable compensation plan.

Reason Two: Earn Residual Income

Residual income comes from the repeat purchase of customers. Most are not aware that the majority of the money in network marketing is not made through recruiting a down line but through the repeat business of satisfied customers. In great companies with a great product, this reorder rate can be 90% or better with 70 to 80% of the income coming from customers versus distributors. That creates longevity and a very stable residual income which comes in month after month after month.

One would do well to find a company that pays a respectable residual income very early versus paying out small fractions of a percent which are delayed for months or longer. Some companies do not pay residual income until the second year or until certain positions are reached. Others’ begin paying in the first few months.

Reason Three: Pay Off Nagging Debt:

Credit cards, car loans, mortgages and medical bills all can be paid off in 7 years or less using the income from your part-time business and credit reducing strategies such as those in John Commuta’s or similar programs.

Reason Four: Build A College Fund

Send your children to any college you choose. Instead of creating debt to educate your children, plan ahead. Use the part-time income to pay for tuition, books, boarding and other college related expenses. You could even buy or help subsidize their transportation and communications needs such as cell phones.

Reason Five: Invest In Your Retirement.

Many companies today are doing away with retirement or the retirees before they reach retirement. Don’t get stuck in the cold. Secure your own future by using the income to build a huge retirement income. We are living longer today, so the extra funds will be a plus.

Reason Six: Mark Off the Items on Your Dreams List

Buy your dream car, house, boat or recreation vehicle. No matter how old we get, we all want a few toys. Whatever those are, they become more than a dream. A few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month extra income can make possible what seemed impossible and out of reach. We have now built enough residual income from our part time business to purchase both our dream cars, our dream house and continue to save for retirement. We both continue to work our regular jobs even though our part-time income exceeds the combined income of both jobs.

Reason Seven: Take Exotic Vacations

Visiting relatives is fine and a lot can be said about keeping in touch. However there are times when the scenery of grandma’s house or Uncle Lou’s trailer just doesn’t cut the mustard when want a bit more visual and mental stimulation. With extra income you can take vacations to exotic places in the world, Amsterdam, Bali, Brazil, Margarita Island, Dominican Republic, and Hawaii. You can even bring grandma, grandpa and Uncle Lou along sometimes when you choose.

Reason Seven: Create Financial Freedom.

Is your desire for financial freedom more important than doing some of the things above? Maybe you’re already achieving most of them and you just want to have a financially free life. Set your goals, create your financial success plan, choose your advisors, and then sock all your earnings away into good investments. You’ll reach your goal with determination and time. As your business grows, you’ll be able to put even more cash into those investments.

Reason Eight: Give More

Enjoy the blessings of benevolence by being a cheerful giver. Bless the providers of your spiritual nourishment and supply by giving liberally and cheerfully. Help charities and children. Give to community and civic organizations that further benefit and bless mankind and society.

Reason Nine: Use the Power of Leverage

Most people who do not understand network marketing are content to be Lone Ranger without Tonto. They put all their income earning potential into themselves alone. They run the risk of disability, death, job-loss (from all sorts of reasons) because their egos are too large to synergize their income earning potential by using leverage.

Through network marketing, the efforts of many people working together as a team create synergy, power and income earning energy that far exceeds the potential of one person. That’s why a home mom, a kid out of college, or even one who doesn’t go to college can earn more than some corporate executives at Fortune 500 companies. Leveraging the time and effort of other people who are mostly average and a few who are more talented can boost your income far beyond your individual earning capability.

Reason 10: Launch a New Career

Are you burned out on your day job? Tired of the commute, the boss, the employees, or the dead-end career? Launch a new career or support your existing business with the extra income you earn from a part time networking business. Cash flow and lack of capital are two of the most crippling financial maladies new and small businesses face. It’s also critical for those wanting to change careers. They remain stuck because they cannot afford to leave. Eliminate and or reduce the cash flow risks with a solid part time income from network marketing.

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